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October 2007

Here are some shots from our place in the Kiara Apartments:
Kiara living room

Walking in and looking ahead/right is our living room (with the table we bought at Chor Bazaar and the carpet we got at the craft fair)

TV corner and desk, kitchen on right Kiara kitchen

Turning left and walking past some closing cupboards, our eating table, and the TV area, you come to our kitchen.

Parents' room
Out the kitchen, turn left, past the parents' bedroom...
Breck's room (with sleeping boy and all!)

 on the left is Breck's room and the laundry bathroom is directly ahead.

Laundry room
Alea's room
Taking a right and passing another bathroom is Alea's room.
Kiara view west (towards Carter Road and the Arabian Sea)
Kiara view south
And of course from the roof there is a beautiful view of the water and buildings.

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