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Easter 2008

Easter was wrapped up in an explosion of color for us this year. The Saturday before Easter was the holiday called Holi in India. It is an occasion for people to go out and throw colored dye all over each other (and drink milkshakes laced with marijuana, but that is a different story). It is rooted in the same primal source as Easter: it is spring, the time when everything is 'reborn,' and so people need to find a way to celebrate that.

Our day was a little less involved than some of these peoples' (and more traumatic as well in some ways!), but we managed to see and enjoy just being in India for such a unique holiday.

We spent the morning of Holi inside doing our own version of throwing the paints around: we invited some of our neighbors up to paint Easter eggs!

Susan had had the foresight to buy some egg dyeing kits before coming over, so we had the tools ready to go!

Everyone was pretty eggcited about the get together, and when we were done we had bunches of baskets ready to hide.

Easter itself dawned bright and early with a 7:30 call from Uncle Rob, so that set the grand hunt into play
Breck had to go rooting through the shoe rack and Alea had some deep under-bed diving to complete, but they were both pretty satisfid with the overall outcomes (especially when they found out money was involved!!)
And then it was off to the traditional post egg hunt swim. We sat out in the sun all day and just relaxed - not what one normally does on Easter, but hey - this is India!!
And speaking of Indian Easter eggs, thes are some painted wooden ones that we have in the house. Pretty, huh (especially with the leopard!)

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