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The next day was much better. We got a rickshaw wallah for the whole day and he tooled us around wherever we wanted to go. But – OF COURSE – we had to start our day with a chocolate chip muffin from Café Coffee Day before setting out. They became Breck’s hunger cry much like Pop Cakes had in Istanbul!
We started out at the Qutb Minar, a towering 12th century pillar reaching for the skies that is surrounded by courtyards, mosques, and gardens. 
It has become a UNESCO site since Dave and Susan first visited 15 years ago and has undergone a bunch of repair and reconstruction. 

Constructed between 1193 – 1368, it was erected as a monument of victory for the Muslims over the Hindu Kingdoms of Delhi. 

Marking the establishment of the first Muslim kingdom in the region, the minar (and the buildings, arches, and mosques surrounding it) are emblazoned with flowing Quranic verses.
The mosque at its base - the Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid - is the first mosque built in India. It, and structures all around the complex, was built from even older (and torn apart) Hindu temples.

An iron pillar that predates the minar by more than 500 years stands in the courtyard. Apparently scientists are still baffled at how technology from that era created iron of such purity that it has not rusted

Next to the standing minar is the base of a neve-completed partner that was designed to be twice as high!

The columns surrounding the mosque courtyard were a favorite place to enjoy the morning sunlight and watch the workers prepare for the day. One of our favorite pictures from our first visit here was of these columns, and Susan was excited to 'retake' that picture - this time with kids!!

Breck initiated his first round of ‘hide and seek among the ruins’ game here, and we spent close to an hour chasing each other around. 

Of course, we had to take time out for dad to take some pictures! From then on, we had to play at every site we visited.

After Breck had a little run in with the cops, and the girls started getting sassy, we decided it was time for us to move on. We bid farewell to the Qutb Minar and hopped into our rickshaw for the ride to our next site.
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