San Pedro Sula and environs...

Signpost San Pedro is divided into about 20 colonias - or neighborhoods.  EIS is located in colonia Gracias a Dios.
Fast food alley This is one of San Pedro's 'fast food alleys' (on the way to the airport).  We have Wendy's, Applebee's, TGIF's, Ruby Tuesday's, Burger King, McDonalds, Popeye's, Pizza Hut, name it!!
Shopping  San Pedro has several malls where many American-style products can be purchased.  Pricesmart is members-only shopping (like a Sam's Club).  Diunsa is similar to Target.  Los Andes is one of the larger supermarkets. 
Starmart While Coke and Pepsi are widely available, Texaco StarMart is about the only place to find a cold Mountain Dew. 
Puperia Each Colonia has several small pulperias.  These are little stores where you can buy bread, pop, beer and water. 
Water bottles Agua Azul is bottled water that can be bought at a pulperia or delivered to your home.  While DIMA (the water company) will tell you tap water is safe to drink in San Pedro, most foreign hire choose to use bottled for drinking and cooking.  A 5 gallon jug is about 18 lempiras ($1.25)
Shower head Few homes in San Pedro have hot water.  To get a hot shower, people install an electric shower head like this one.  You flip the top button to get hot water (the water runs directly over the hot coils - quite an electrifying experience!).
Barbwire Security is an issue in Honduras.  Whether perceived or not, this concern means the majority of homes have walls with barbed wire linked around them. 
Guard Larger homes have electronic surveillance and armed guards.
Cows Of course, even security can't keep some wild life in control.  Random cows are a common site on any bare spot of land.
Garrobo Garrobos are like mosquitos - they are everywhere!  They inhabit roofs, trees, gutters and alleys.  In the countryside, people catch them and sell them to make into soup.
Lady with bag on head While garrobos are fast, they can't beat a local running to catch...
Buses The local bus service (2 lempiras a haul)