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Apostle Islands

As a birthday present for her mom, Susan and her siblings organized a trip to the Apostle Islands in the summer of 1999. They are a series of islands in Lake Superior that are protected reserves and renowned for a series of restored 19th century lighthouses

Raspberry Island
The lighthouse on Raspberry Island is an example of the sights that draw people to the islands

Of course, the lake is a big playground for the rich and famous - or anyone who has a boat
Mark, Susan, and Breck on the boat
Susan's brother Mark is one of those with a boat, and he very graciously took us out for a sunset cruise. Breck didn't make it all the way though, but he sure was content on mom's lap
Lake Superior's sunsplashed shore

That ride gave us the opportunity to see the shining shores lit up by the setting sun

Basswood sunset
A few days later, the skies were again lit up from our campspot on Basswood Island

Orthodox church
It was certainly a surprise to stumble across an orthodox church on Wisconsin's northern shore

Family group shot

All in all, a great birthday present from all the kids to grandma.