Our 17 days in Thailand...

17 monk’s bowls

16 temple dragons

15 bells a-ringin’

14 fanned umbrellas

13 coral reef marvels 

12 corn cobs at Doi Suthep temple

11 tiered waterfall in Khao Phanom Bencha

10 golden wats

9 modes of transport: elephant, rubber raft, tuk-tuk, speed boat, skytrain, taxi, scooter, bamboo raft, and long boat

8 feet accent sand bubbler crab art 

7 sandy beaches 

6 tubs of sea food

5 cold beers

4 fabulous places to snorkel 

3 welcoming cities: Bangkok, Chang Mai, and Krabi

2 reclining Buddhas

…and 1 happy Stutz family with unforgettable memories.  Thank you, Thailand!