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Bratislava has a delightful assortment of whimsical statues around town. The overall favorite was this man peeking out of a manhole. People of all ages can't help but do a double take as they pass by.

Some of the others include some girls resting by a mailbox and a hidden shutterbug.

Perched atop a hill is the monument to Soviet soldiers killed during the liberation of Slovakia during World War 2. The USSR suffered great loss of life driving the Nazis out, and - unlike many other countries in eastern Europe - Slovakia as a whole does not seem to begrudge its role during the 40 years after the war.

This peaceful setting serves not only as a memorial to the gritty city by city fighting that took place (towns listed with the dates of their liberation), but as the final resting place of thousands of troops.

Another reminder of the Soviet occupation is found in the fantastic revolving restaurant found atop the highway bridge - looking out over the rows of newer apartment complexes stretching into the valley.
The presidential palace sits in the center of town, complete with a fantastic fountain in front and adorned with all sorts of flags.
In the gardens behind the palace, the 3 maidens frolic in the water, and a young boy squirts water from a fish in front of the opera house

While the gurgling of a fountain helps relax a local newspaper-reader...

There are many different styles to be found in statuary around town, from heroic socialist workers, to our old friend Saint George, to stoic column bearers, and grotesque gargoyles.


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