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Susan took a solo weekend in the spring of 2006 to the village of Sirogojno. Set in the peaceful mountains southwest of Belgrade near Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzogovina, it is a place designed to reconstruct Serbian life in the 19th century.

The deeply pitched thatch, wood, and slate roofs are designed to help shed the heavy snows that blanket the area

The iconic roofstyles are very typical of villages all across the region

The details of life are preserved in the household implements, furniture, and woven goods

Some of these basics included outdoor ovens, troughs for the animals, hives for beekeeping,

Tools and other necessities for living off the land have been gathered from all over the country and brought here

 and stills for making homemade rakija.

Gardens, corrals, and lofts for storage were vital to the survival of villagers cut off from the rest of the world

And what would a group of good Serbs be without a church, complete with graveyard dating back to the turn of the century. Old icons line the walls, including St. George and other Orthodox saints.

A beautiful glimpse at a way of life that is now mostly gone...

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