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The Roma are what most of us call gypsies, people who apparently originated in India and migrated west to Europe over the centuries. They live on the outskirts of life in most areas in this region, and Serbia is no exception. One of the largest Roma 'towns' is in New Belgrade at the base of the Gazela Bridge (above).
The Roma in Belgrade seem to be more adept at distancing themselves from everyday life without resorting to begging than in other places. They are the 'recyclers' in town, and one can often see them picking through the garbage for cardboard to take. People often separate their clothes, food (like uneaten bread) and other fixable items and leave them separately when they take out their trash so the Roma can collect them. They also hold jobs with the city trash collection and street cleaning crews, as well as small stands at markets around town.

Roma trying to earn a living by whatever means are possible.
One day we were in Novi Sad on the "International Day of the Gypsy" or something like that. The Roma were out in force without worrying about being hassled. This street musician was playing at the corner of the walking street to a rapt audience.

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