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Serbia and Montenegro

2003 - ?

When we were hired at the International School of Belgrade, the name of the country was Yugoslavia. When we were preparing to come, it unofficially changed to Serbia, and by the time we made it here in August 2003, the official name became the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. Take a first look at our daily life here in Belgrade:
We usually walk to and from school through this 'secret passageway'
which enters onto Puskinova - our street.
Guarding our neigbors house are 2 stone lions
and we have the remnants of a Roman column, ca 200 BC (or so we have been told)
Our house resembles nothing less than a Swiss chalet
right down to the parquet wood floor in the foyer
The house is fairly newly furnished and very comfortable
with the bathroom doubling as a laundry room (we have a larger bathroom upstairs too)
There are still a lot of bare walls in the house,
but Susan has already made the first art purchase - a pair of watercolors of downtown Belgrade
Our back deck is a great dinner place
with a nice view away from downtown (no justice is done in this picture)
But the highlight is a huge yard with built-in barbecue (and newly-dug firepit!)
in addition to fruit trees and lots of room
Susan is excited about all the planting she'll do next year
and the kids already help put together a clubhouse in the back yard!
But the kids are still the kids - acting goofy, growing up quickly
but still the ones we love the most, no matter where we are

Our first roll of film was developed poorly, hence the grotesque colors. But you can see us checking out dinner at the local green market and riding a tank in Kalemegdan

As well as eating doughnuts in the back yard of Irene's house (where we first lived when we moved to Belgrade) and getting set for the first day of school!

a few more pictures from Puskinova are here...

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