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Kafana Daco

Daco is our favorite restaurant in the city. It has a beautiful setting (behind a completely inconspicuous wall that looks like there's nothing behind it when seen from the street), one of the few souvenir shops with decent stuff to buy, and some of the best darn Serbian food anywhere - we highly recommend the lamb! They have a brand of beer we've not seen elsewhere (Kej) and fantastic rakija - our favorites are the honey and the apricot flavors.

We've taken friends, family, new teachers, and visitors from other schools there. Outside is a covered seating area that is surrounded by cobblestones and old buildings. In back, the cooking fires and chicken cages add an unmistakable ambiance.

 Inside, the walls are decorated with traditional weavings, pictures, and household implements: the coolest are the cheese grater and colander coverings for the lights. It is a bit out of the downtown area - past the Panchevo bridge - but well worth the little extra effort to get out there. You will not be disappointed!! 


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