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Warsaw 2006

I returned to Warsaw in February , 2006  for the third of my MathCounts trips (I also visited Prague, Sofia, and Helsinki during my time in Belgrade).
February is not a particulaly great time to visit Warsaw. We were bitterly cold, and ended up spending much of out time and money inside, finding new ways to enjoy eating and drinking. Luckily for us, Warsaw food and beer is great!!

The cultural tour that we took included time inside the brand new "Warsaw Uprising museum," and then a quick trip downtown. The statue of King Zygmunt Waza greeted us as we entered the rebuilt old town.

We headed into the old town for a quick 45-minute tour , where we got to see the central square all bundled up against the snow. Even the mermaid looked cold!!


As night fell and the lights came up, we headed back past the palace, enjoying a last view of the impressive recreation of a city that was completely destroyed.

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