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The beach at Seeb - a quick drive from where we were staying in Muscat - is reported to be full of shells, deserted, and pretty. We found it to be all three, and even stumbled upon a dead sea turtle! There were a few Omani families wading and playing, but for the most part we had the surf to ourselves!
The Seeb market was reputed to be a great place to do some shopping, but as we'd hit town during the "everything in Oman is now closed" hour of 2pm, there wasn't really a lot to see (or buy).

We did find the tobacco and spice seller, and the sardine man was dwarfed by his pile of fish, but the only thing we ended up actually buying was an Omani cap for dad. Of course, he couldn't get anyone to take a picture of him, so you don't get to see it!

At lunch, we sat outside (with dad in his cap) and munched on rotisserie chicken.
Our eyes were caught by a bunch of action across the street:

A few guys were on the beach, and then a truck rolled up. They tied the end of the net to the truck, and it started backing up. After getting stuck a few times, the net started coming in and the crowd started gathering.
The net was filled up with all sorts of flapping fish, and folks from all over town were jumping in to help out (and take some of the fish for themselves)
Throwing the fish into any sort of bag they could find, the townsfolk got themselves dinner all set. Breck caught fish, an eel, and a few crabs.
It was quite the entertaining afternoon for us. Between the fish and the food, we saw colorfully-clothed Bangladeshi migrant workers as well as old men just out enjoying the sun and the surf.

Unfortunately, our busy itinerary dictated that we never made it back to Seeb, but it was definitely a sleepy little town that is well worth visiting!

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