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Day at the Sawadi Islands

We decided to visit the famed beach at Sawadi, but were a little put off by the $50+ charge to get into one of the fancy resorts. We opted for the free beach down the road, and soon found ourselves in the midst of a throng of partying Omanis (well, as much as people in Oman party, I mean). We negotiated with one of the (hundreds of) boat drivers along the shore for a ride out to some of the really close islands with some time at each. Once everything was decided, we hopped in and zoomed out!
We wanted to go where there was some snorkeling, and the closest island beckoned us. There was a camp set up, and lots of people climbing around on shore, but the water was clear and there were fish to watch, so we enjoyed ourselves in the water.

There was a dhow beached off the shore, and we never really figured out why it was there. It was picturesque, and didn't look picked over or looted. Maybe just a place to play?

Our second island was much more deserted, and we had the stretch of beach we were on to ourselves. We spent the afternoon swimming, collecting shells, and relaxing in the sun. We'd brought food and drink, so we were all set for the day.

As the afternoon wore on, however, we noticed the tide lowering dramatically. By the time we were to leave, people were actually walking across the mud flats to the island we were on! As we were coming back, our boat actually got stuck - everyone had to hop out and Dave help push the boat closer to shore!

Breck wasn't about to wait, though - he took off running and splashing everything in sight. When we got back to shore, we spent some time collecting a bottle full of mini pink shells - fun!

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