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  Snorkeling south of Muscat

We have a colleague at ASB who joined us from TAISM and she had been very clear about the fact that we would absolutely need a car while in Oman.  We really appreciate her honesty, because the Toyota Rav4 allowed us to go all the great places we wanted to go on our time, schedule and whim.  Thank you, Trish! 

Our first few days in Muscat were all about exploring the area and getting our bearings. We went south one day and amazed at the dry, arid geographic features that marched right up to the Ocean.  We had heard there was great snorkeling all around Muscat. 

The evidence of rich fish life was all around us - from the crusted barnacles that were revealed during the low tide to the holy-cow-look-at-all-these number of shells that we collected on our various outings.

We had several fishermen offer to take us out, and we quite often ran into their fish traps on shore.

While we have been permanently spoiled by our time in Bali, we cannot sneeze at the beautiful fish, rock and coral we saw around Muscat.  The water was beautifully clear and (I know I said this, already) but the visual impact of brown, cream, and beige desert colors right up against the azure of the Ocean was an absolute visual feast. 

Having lived in an apartment our 4 years in Mumbai, it was wonderful it was to have space and place to run, climb, crawl, jump and leap in the great outdoors. You’ll notice there is noone else on the beaches with us.  We chose to visit during the week given we had been told they get pretty crowded on the week-ends. The beach we discovered at Safait Al Shaikh on a Monday had a little ‘tent city’ built up. 

Apparently, Samsung had hosted a party for all its family and rented the beach out for a Sunday of family fun!  Great idea!  

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