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Nakhal Fort

Nakhal Fort was the first 'real fort' we explored in Oman.  WOW, did we have fun!  Breck was all excited about the canon and jail cells, while Alea and mom were all about resting on the luxurious carpets strewn around.  The views of the surrounding oasis are lovely- we understood immediately why these forts were so important in Oman - who wouldn't defend these centers of trade and production?

Built on the foundations of a pre-Islamic structure, the towers and entrance way of this fort were constructed during the reign of Imam Said bin Sultan in 1834.  The windows in the fort are perfectly aligned to catch every breeze, even in summer.
There are many features to look for: gaps where boiling cauldrons of honey would have hinged over doorways, spiked doors to repel battering, round towers to deflect cannon balls, and falaj in case of siege.  The entire structure is built around a rock - a common feature of Omani forts, which saves the problem of having to construct sound foundations (Lonely Planet pg. 231). 

One of our favorite things about Omani forts was being able to explore every nook and cranny.  After another year in an apartment in Mumbai (gag), we needed to get out and stretch our muscles- and we did!  We climbed, ducked, scooted, crawled, clambered and forayed all over these forts.  Wonderful!

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