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Muscat Hike

We were so impressed with all the outdoor opportunities right in Muscat's backyard. You could be downtown one minute and three minutes later be somewhere so remote that you would think no one would find you.  
Our hosts recommended this particular Muscat hiking tour - it is one every tourist should do if they visit Oman. 

We started in Muttrah and within 5 minutes were up in the Wadi with no one else around.
We did not see another human being for 1 1/2 hours, when we met a French family coming the other direction.  The views were glorious, the hike just stressful enough to break a sweat, and the sights cool enough to make us all feel very 'Indiana Jones'. In fact, the most difficult part was hiking back to where we'd left our car - we were looking for it down the wrong road!!

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