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Jabreen Castle

Rising without competition from the surrounding plain, Jabreen castle is an impressive sight.  Built in 1675 by Imam Bil-arab Sultan, it was an important center of learning for astrology, medicine and Islamic law (Lonely Planet, pg. 227).
The date press room was really interesting.  They would pack the dates in palm-woven bags and stack them up.  The weight of the bags on top would press down on those below and squeeze the date oil out.  The date room had a 'mini-falaj' system that efficiently and cleanly carried the oil to clay containers which, when full, were sealed and put in storage.
We enjoyed exploring the fort (the breeze from the surrounding oasis made it very comfortable).

Mom found a funny pair of wooden shoes on display and had to show them off.  The amazing thing is- about 1 week later, Breck found something similar in a refuse heap at an abandoned site near the Sharqiah Sands!  Shhhh. The one Breck found in the refuse heap now adorns our 'treasure trove' of stuff in Mumbai.

This fort was the only one where we saw a prison for men AND women.  Ouch!!

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