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Muscat Fish Market

Muscat is actually three smaller areas merging together.  Mutrah is the main port area (we saw one of Uncle Kevin’s Silver Seas ships there!).  Old Muscat is where the Sultan lives and the gov’t has its official buildings (very much like the Mall area of Washington DC). Modern Muscat is all the newer suburbs like Qurm, Al-Bustan and Ruwi.  The fish market is at the beginning of the cornice in Mutrah and is a ‘Muscat’ institution. 
Every morning, fisherfolk bring their catch here and the restaurants, hotels, housewives and exporters descend to do their buying for the day.  The variety of catch was amazing.  The smell was not as bad as Susan had expected and Breck was excited to be able to find a shark – he’d had an eye open for one!
We watched as sellers kept the local cats happy, and sliced fillets off for waiting customers.
We even made it outside to see the boats coming in with their (still-twitching) catches!
It was the quintessential Omani institution - people doing what they normally do, but welcoming visitors at the same time.

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