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Southern rural scenes

Crossing into Montenegro from Albania, I decided to take a quick side trip into the southern farming region, tempted by a sign that promised a "Medieval VIllage." While I never found that, I did come across, with the help of a German-speaking farmed, a town that still looked like it was in the middle of the last century (or even the one before that)

Haystacks dotted the yards of the houses, and the lambs came out to visit me as I walked through. All of the women disappeared into the houses, but an elderly man and his son, fresh in from the fields, invited me in for a cup of strong coffee.

As I headed along a winding mountain road towards Bar and Budva, I passed mosques and cemeteries that reminded me how close I was to Albania and the enduring sphere of Islamic influence in this part of the world.
Pausing along the coast near Bar, I was treated to the sight of an enormous castle in the mountains above, the ruins of a shanty at water's edge, and the glow of forest trees in the setting sun. They helped to remind me that all was, for the moment at least, good in my corner of the  world...

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