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Cairo: Khan al-Khalili

Found in an ancient labyrinth of winding alleys, Khan al-Khalili has long been synonymous with shopping. We wandered around on several occasions, smiling with the locals and laughing at the tourists (who, we are sure, were doing the same at us!)
While there was plenty of stuff that was obviously targeting the foreigners who mobbed the souk
there were also goods that anyone could use, and plenty of locals out and about doing their shopping.

The area is sprinkled with mosques and ancient schools of learning. Many of the most prestigious Islamic universities started here, and the religious significance is as large as the commercial draw.
The mosques call worshippers from all over to show their faith, and they are welcoming to visitors as well.

Back to the shops! There were tons of handicrafts throughout the bazaar, and the owners were justifiably proud of their wares. 

And what would an Egyptian market be without a bread delivery service or a fashionably-dressed woman - with her headscarf and Converse shoes - chatting on her mobile phone?

The handicrafts reminded us of the goods in the Istanbul bazaar, 

And in the midst of all the commotion, it was gratifying to see that we were not the only people entranced by the market (to the point of stopping to take pictures!)

Breck had a heyday wandering around, as he kept coming across all sorts of goodies to be used for wargames. He found a helmet (above) and a couple of knives (below), and actually talked his father into getting him a sword in Luxor.

while the delivery services were second-to-none.

It was truly a buyer's paradise, with almost anything under the sun for sale.

But it was also a place for a quiet game of backgammon or a rest after the rain. 

We did stop off during a rainstorm at one of those 'must go to' tea shops, and Susan even bought a pair of sunglasses from the local traveling salesman - mission accomplished!

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