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Cairo: Cairo Museum

After leaving the house around 2:30 in the morning and traveling a good part of the day, we headed straight out of our hotel room to visit the Cairo Museum. 

We flew in to Cairo to attend a conference for our region of international schools, and decided to make the most of the trip by interspersing as much tourist travel as possible.

There were plenty of Cairoites there, as well as tourists, and the front lawn was the scene of great relaxation. We found out at the museum that the Egyptians are very protective of their postcard and museum book making industries, as we were not allowed to bring cameras inside. (The xray check made of our bags was actually to see if there was a camera - not really to check for security devices).
But the museum itself was way worth the effort. It is huge, dusty, and seemingly disorganized, but the treasures inside are truly breathtaking. From King Tut's burial stuff to mummies to stuffed animals, every room was a fantastic exploration. I lost count of the number of times Susan and Dave said, "Whoa - we've studied all about that before!!"
But the kids were tired after a big day of travel, so we decided to head back to our hotel, grab an early dinner, and figure out our plan for the next few days. Welcome to Cairo!!

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