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As the sun begins to dip behind the castle, people around Prague finish up another workday. Along the river, fishermen gather up their belongings and prepare to go home. Although the weather was a bit chilly (and gray on most evenings), the time around sunset was a beautiful period of light, shadow, and life around the city.

Along the river, the waterbreak that looks like the prow of a giant ship begins to gleam in the sun's last rays
The belfries and turrets of the city stand out in sharp relief against the darkening sky.

The view from the Charles Bridge - with the colors of the evening - is stunning.

and is made even more so when the bridge lights come on.

The castle begins to glow during the 'magic hour'

and deepens in brilliant color as the boats continue to cruise up and down the river. I took a million of these pictures, as the lights and colors were simply stunning.

The glow from the castle and the Mala Strana illuminate the last shoppers on the Charles Bridge

and the streetlights show off those who are still working...

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