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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scenes through the countryside

Stopping for a travel break on our way to Jahorina, we saw an old building, which reminded us sadly of the devastation the country had undergone in the 1990s. We couldn't help but wonder what the story behind its crumbled facade was.

Bosnia only has the smallest fragment of an outlet to the Adriatic Sea. Driving north from Montenegro to Croatia, I figured I should take a picture, as this is probably one of the few I'll ever see of the Bosnian coastline!

South of Mostar, this fairytale assortment of castle walls, belltowers, and minarets reached up toward the gray sky

Farms sat on sloping hills as the owners prepared for the spring planting

and picturesque lakes reflected the mountains that ringed them

It was enough to make me want to stop and take a nice walk through the forest

But then I decided not to...

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