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Sarajevo - Memories of the war

Throughout the city, reminders of the war in the 90s remain. Here, destroyed buildings sit along the river in front of new office buildings springing up.

Built in 1923, this art deco front still bears bullet holes from the wars.

The infamous Holiday Inn that housed gunmen who would fire on people trying to cross "Sniper's Alley" has been given a facelift, but there are still pockmarks in the Olympic symbol.

The National Library, one of the most gorgeous buildings in town, is boarded up and off-limits, and a sign tells the world of what happened here.

"Sarajevo Roses" are created by the impact of shrapnel and mortar pieces landing on the streets and sidewalks. In some cases, they are filled in with red rubber to mark the loss of human life caused by the shell.

The seemingly endless new cemeteries that lie just beside the stadium are a mute and sobering testimony to what happened here. Just as in Mostar, it seems that every headstone is 1993.
And of course, the Muslim and Christian sections are completely separate. Built at the base of a tower that holds the Olympic rings from the 1984 winter Olympics, the fields full of graves stretch to the far reaches of one's vision.

One can only wait and hope that the future will be bright again for this city...
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