Why homebirth??

Births initiated in the home (rather than the hospital) offer a lower combined rate of intrapartum and neonatal mortality and lower incidence of cesarean delivery.  
(Dept. of Economics, Danville, KY)
Homebirth mothers are older, more educated, more feminist, more willing to accept responsibility for maintaining their own health and better read on childbirth. 
(Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)
A midwife works with each woman and her family to identify their unique physical, social and emotional needs.
Higher levels of satisfaction with prenatal care and during labor were shown in those women with a midwife's care. 
(Dept. of OB/GYN, Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK)
The average uncomplicated vaginal birth costs 68 percent less in a home than in a hospital. 
(Dept. of Economics, Danville, KY)