All over the USA!!
Part II - Up at the Lake

After our trip out west, we chilled for a bit in Minnesota with the family. Of course, chilling in Minnesota means you have to go "Up North." So on the long ride up to the fishing lake, Alea helped me and cousin Nathan rest up for all that Lego-playing and Fish-catching that we were planning on doing!

What I hadn't counted on was how fun it was to catch those crawfish off Grandpa's dock!! We'd just stick a piece of worm or leech on the line, drop it down in front of them, and then pull them up. It was the most fun I had all summer - at least until Grandpa and dad ate them!!!
We went out one night and set off fireworks too. Uncle Kevin had brought some pretty cool stuff - like a tank that went rolling and sparking down the path! I wasn't too sure about the sparklers or jumping jacks at first, but I warmed up to them as the evening wore on...

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