>Breck and Alea

and Breck

Fall 2004

Alea - 7, Breck - 5

As we started our second year in Belgrade, we found that we had plenty to do to keep us busy outside of school
We like to spend a lot of time with our friends Megan and Alexis. While Alea and Alexis do big girl things like playing house and writing stories, Breck and Megan prefer the quiet solitude of reading in the trunk of our car.

They also are silly and pretend to kiss through the glass from time to time!!

In the evenings, we'll gather around the table and do our homework as a family, and Alea and Breck will sometimes spend the few minutes after a bath to read a book together.

We also have lots of fun playing around the house, doing everything from hula hooping like crazy to collecting rainwater on the roof. Our huge back yard is always a source of great amusement - with its playhouse, giant snails, and tire swing too.

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