Modeling Shoot

Breck (and Alea) have been approached about doing 'modelling' for various companies here in Bombay. Realistically, it is because they are white, which is a rare enough skin color here to be worthy of attention. Apparently, a number of kids from the school do it every so often, and we finally got our chance this weekend: the schedules mathced, the clothes fit, and Susan relented and let him do it.
Breck had to start off with makeup (my favorite quote of the day was one of the moms there reminding her not not to smear his mascara!) and then hopped right into getting dressed and in front of the camera.
It was a shoot for a clothes catalog - I thought they said Diesel brand - so we don't know if we will ever see the finished product. The backdrop was a constantly changing series of sorta Western themes.

There were a total of 7 boys involved, coming and going at different times during the day. Breck was sometimes with different guys, all given instructions to look bored and move their heads around from side to side. They didn't want the guys looking directly at the camera or smiling, so swiveling their faces was the routine for the afternoon.
They got to wear cowboy hats for a couple of the poses, and looked really yee-hawish in those. One of the things that I noticed (but didn't take pictures of) was the fact that sometimes the stagers had boys wearing sunglasses - but never Breck. Guess they loved those baby blues! Breck had brought a giant Star Wars book he'd checked out from the school library, and in between shoots, the guys munched on snacks and read through it.
He even got to do his best Sai Baba imitation at one point. It was a pretty good afternoon, so we'll just have to see if A) the company wants to use him again, B) the shoot schedules match up with ours, and C) Dad can convince Mom to let him do it again (she's pretty dead set against the idea).
And oh yes, he picked up a cool hundred bucks for college and toys!!

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