Birthday Party

Breck didn't know what to expect for his birthday. His big, big wish had been for Star Wars Legos, but he'd never seen a set that came in this big of a box!!

What in the world could be under all that wrapping paper??

AN ENORMOUS LEGO STAR WARS AT-AT - even cooler than Uncle Dan's star destroyer!!!

He zoomed right over to give oh-so-thankful hugs, and then got down to the serious business of checking out exactly how this thing went together. Mom inspected the first few bags of pieces, and they decided that it would be better to wait until after his birthday party. Breck had invited two other boys who live in the building to spend an afternoon of food, fun, and fantastic festivities. 

After a fun soccer practice (that dad and he got to via rickshaw, zooming like a speeder through Mumbai traffic), his friends from downstairs joined us. They are all Star Wars crazy, and so that was the absolute theme of the day.

Then there was the classic "pin the lightsaber on Darth Vader" game

The first entertainment was taking turns checking out Dad's force quotient - dueling him with lightsabers while he was blindfolded!
followed by traditional Jedi bubble saber training and the 'race around the Death Star' board game (as designed by Breck himself!)

Three guesses what the cake was (and the first two don't count!!)

Breck had to get his concentration all set before attempting to blow out the candles (I think he's been paying too much attention to all the yoga being practiced around here!), but he got them all on the first try!
After some awesome commissary cake (yes, an actual Betty Crocker yellow cake-in-a-box!!) and Baskin Robbins ice cream, the boys were all recharged to go open more presents.

Any bets on what kind of toys they were?

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