Summer 2006

This summer was dedicated to family. We met some of our new cousins in Minnesota

and a whole bunch of old ones in Montana.

and showing off some muscles in the sprinkler.

Fishing with dad...

played with fireworks,

Hanging out in Minnesota means all sorts of different things:

leaning off the edge of the dock with Alea, 

and rustling up some tasty fish from the lake!

We threw in some lines in with relatives, 


and hit the new sauna.

Out in Montana, we got to spend lots of time in our cabin by the creek. We stuffed a whole lot of people into the room and on the loft at night - great place for a sleep over!
We played some high stakes games of Risk, but spent an awful lot of our time enjoying the water that rushes just outside the door.

All in all, a great way to recharge after the last school year and get ready for the future...

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