Alessandra Marie Stutz
November, 2004
We had an assembly at school for "Speak like a Pirate Day." It was actually an exercise in cooperation, because if all of the pirates couldn't "Stop and Think" - our counselor's little catchphrase - then we wouldn't be able to follow the treasure map and find the booty. It was a great excuse for us to get all dressed up, sing songs about drinking rum and chasing wenches, and run around saying "AARRRRR" all day!

My teacher even got into the spirit of things with a pirate doorag and shirt (hard to tell here)

I was nominated to carry the official Stop and Think sign during the assembly, a great honor (or so I am told)

Breck got into the spirit of things, wearing his King Leinenkugel hat and trying his best to make a scowling pirate face during the assembly. In the end, however, I think he was happiest just being the sweet natural him!

I guess I had my moments of stepping out of character, but I'm allowed, aren't I?

Besides - I found the booty at the end of the day!!

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