Alessandra Marie Stutz
June, 2004
The wedding of Shari and Dan
Aunt Shari got married to Uncle Dan in quite the majestic ceremony
We flew out to Missoula right after the end of the school year so we could take part, and the jet lag drove everyone a little bonkers!
But Mom got over it and we ended up having a great time
Especially since, as the only niece/granddaughter, I got to be really involved in all the goings-on
As things turned out, I actually WON the "Who can guess the closest to the length of string it takes to go around the pregnant woman's belly" game.
Wow - looks like not only do I really LOOK like aunt Shari, but I also know pretty well how her body stretches!

Of course, I wish I could only DANCE as well as she and uncle Dan...

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