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Poopy in the potty
Actually, I'm just playing in a waterfall
Hey, Hey - I am now potty trained. But it is still pretty cool to check out my bowel movements
Even out in the great outdoors, I prefer to show everyone just how I take care of business. Just find me a potty tree...
Jumping into Lake Superior
Swimming (in Lake Superior) is always best in the nude...and with my dad (he's got a bathing suit on, though!)
I love rollercoasters!
My favorite thing at a carnival is the rollercoaster, especially the big alligator ones
Grandma helps me dress up
When I do get dressed up fancy, my grandma is always an eager fashion consultant
For it's 1, 2, 3 strikes YOU'RE OUT at the old, ball, game
And so I'm always happy to bring her some flowers
Alea, Breck, and Daddy
Here're Alea, Daddy, and 
Breck goofing around

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