Alessandra's First Year:

Archived photos from Alea's first year with us (1997-98).
All of these have appeared at one time or another on her page, but are now kept here for oohing, ahhing, and general other baby noise making
If you look closely you'll notice they're in reverse chronological order...


And my first birthday party!!
 Out hunting Easter eggs with mom...
 Swingin'! Oh yeah!
Look! I discovered mud! 
Oh yeah, helping mom do the dishes!
And playing with mom in the snow (1 week before 70-degree weather!)
Watching myself on video!
Grandma and I share a hug!
Dad and I on the swing...
and me like a big girl all alone!
Feeding the geese (shh, don't tell anyone)
Discovering a lemon...   And the taste of a lemon!
Oh boy. Dad gets me started early on the computer!
Brushing teeth with dad!
Just me and my Yiya
Yiya, mom, and I share a hug
Here's my name in blocks, thanks to Aunt Carl and Uncle Kevin
What a big girl, standing with the chair!
Dad lets me play on the computer every so often
Oh boy, it's the Holiday season! My first Santa outfit!!
I can sit for hours playing with those Christmas tree ornaments!
My big girl flower hat!
Here, my dad and I check out  the leaves in the back yard
My Halloween outfit!! What a big girl!
Mom helps me eat my first cereal!
My Cool Girl Shades...
My Formal 3 Month Portrait
I also have quite a bit of fun pretending I'm in college. Here I'm sporting my Northwestern cap
Now I'm all decked out as a Minnesota Golden Gopher. Big 10 fans, anyone?
Here my dad and I have a bit of bonding going on...
 Here, my mom and I check out the Smithsonian Institution
This is me on the day after my birth
My first 'formal' portrait, also within the first week
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