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Alessandra Marie Stutz and 

Spring 2006

Our friend Jelena took Alea and Breck out for an afternoon in the park and burned the last roll of film that we had in our old camera (film that had been sitting for around 2 years!!). The kids had a blast clamboring around on Serbian playground equipment as the last gasp of winter blew through.

Easter 2006 was a great time in the Stutz house. The Easter bunny had hidden some great stuff all over. The chocolate rush was sustained well through the day as we headed to the school for the other festivities.

Since we knew by this time that Susan and the kids would not be returning to Belgrade for the next school year, we spent some time going to our favorite haunts. One day while mom was at a class, dad and the kids went back to that old favorite. We wandered around Sveti Sava, caught a whole bunch of weddings and chowed on some tasty popcorn.
As the weather gets warmer and warmer, we spend some last quality time in our back yard. With the roses in bloom, the tire swing gets lots of use and the fire pit is the scene of some extreme muscle action

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